Monday, February 28, 2011

Second Demo

I've spent the weekend making another demo of a coloring book. I found already made books that are completely empty. I bought two different styles -spiral and also a bound one. I have been putting the images into the book by transferring them with wintergreen. I had not really done transfers before so I'm learning through trial and error of what to do and not to do. One of the issues I am having right now with the coloring books and the ink is visible through the next page. (Shown below) I also didn't give the pages enough time to dry before going onto the next one so most of the pages have smudged. 

I've put the plot building of the other coloring books on hold. I'm focusing on how the coloring books are going to be made/put together before I continue working on the other books. 

I also made many copies of the drawings I have done so far to give to small children to have them color and react to. I might incorporate the colored drawings into some type of poster once I get some of them back. 

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