Wednesday, February 2, 2011


When I told my room mate about my situation she said:
Just do something over the top and crazy, that you've always wanted to do.

She got me thinking I should do something based on things I liked, as opposed to something based on a culture/time period I didn't have much interest in.
Things I like include: PINK!, CUTESEY!, GIRLIE!, KITTENS!, ZEBRA PRINT!, MAKEUP!. etc.
Pretty much all things tacky and girlie.

My main inspiration is Betsey Johnson's Spring 2003 collection called "My Blue Heaven".
Which features lots of pink, floral and tiaras. (be still my heart, I'm combelling.)

Three pieces of the collection.
click to see larger image

I started with some sketches of lipsticks, nail polishes, jewelry etc.
I moved to the computer and came up with these two 90's esque icons. and played around with creating different patters.

TOP L- lipstick , R- diamond ring
BOTTOM patterns.
click to see larger image.
click to see larger image.

L- a quick sketch of how the fabrics would be used. R- playing with adding more layers to the pattern
click for larger image

I'll probably experiment with floral prints, and animals prints too.

- Like I said before, it's going to get done. I finish everything I start.

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  1. This all looks so good! I love what you've done. Can't wait to see more.