Friday, February 4, 2011

Penny the Pit Bull

I've been working on the drawings of a pit bull named Penny. Her owner is the woman that runs Kitty Connection. The main shelter is run out of her home and I met with her over winter break to talk about the process behind running an animal shelter and also discussed broadly what it is like to be a pit bull owner and special precautions she takes. She had told me that, when it comes to Penny being around the cats in the shelter she is more concerned of what the cats may do to Penny rather than what Penny would do to the cats. (She had pointed out on Penny's collar that there was material missing and it was because recently one of the cats went after Penny, but Penny never in turn went after the cat). 

I'm using photos I took of Penny the day I visited the shelter as reference. I am working on making a mock up of a possible 'raising awareness' type coloring book for children. This is just a screen shot of the Illustrator file. 

And this is just a photo from the  Kitty Connection website of Marie and Penny the pit bull.

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