Monday, February 21, 2011

new dice

It has taken me a while to put anything up on the blog this semester because so far I've been recreating/rebuilding collages from last semester. I'm finally getting into new(ish) territory and have some collages to share.

The first here is 1 of 6 that I did last semester. I'm not going to post them all (they are pretty much the same), but I did want to show the difference in scale/alignment/spacing of the type from the first incarnation:

The next 6 are the old dice collages from last semester, but this time I rebuilt them on the 8 x 8 masonite panels that I have been using. They are significantly similar to the first dice collages, but I did have to get inventive with some in translating them from rectangle to square. I think these look/feel a lot more finished than the first group and I am happy to have added them to the pile of collages on panel that I will use in the final exhibition.

New marbled pieces are in the works and a new/final installment to my Digestion series will be up soon.

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