Monday, February 21, 2011

Naughty Dog Brand

After a one-on-one meeting and discussing with John the "Naughty Dog Brewery" creation, I have decided to drop the "Brewery" and create just the "Naughty Dog Brand". This brand will still include "A Girl Named Otis" beer, but will expand to include clothing, dog supplies, accessories, etc. The process of deciding which products the Naughty Dog Brand would include was fairly easy. I decided that I would start by making products that my very own naughty dog has destroyed in her three year old lifespan. This includes t-shirts, leashes, collars, flip flops, hats, door mats, bags, picture frames, toys, blankets and various other items left unattended in my house. I have also changes the color palette to tones that are more natural and common in my design work. The pictures I will post are all rough ideas and sketches to make sure the colors work together and the brand is clear. I did my research and looked at how existing companies like The Black Dog and Hello Kitty used specific products to build their brand. Seeing well-known brands like The Black Dog, I want to make sure my line isn't infringing on their ideas. I'm still working on a mission statement and clear message that I want my company to present so please be patient!

1 comment:

  1. Keep going. Expand the visual elements/motifs you are using. Bring back some of your original ideas, update and refine those earlier iterations. Good starting point.