Friday, March 4, 2011

Stand-Ups & Coloring Book Box

Today I created my first mock up for my stand-up dogs. I want these dogs to be place around my area in the gallery, to bring my drawn dogs to life. I tried to keep the paper dog to the size of the actual dog but this one ended up being a bit bigger. I really like the way it turned out, although I had to use a bit duct tape and extra pieces of foam board to give the stand up more support in the back. I thought about having kids color in the stand-up dogs but I like them way too much as line drawings to have them colored in. 

For the packaging I would have like to have the three coloring books stored in a custom clamshell box, but based on money and time this is not going to happen. The average price people wanted for one box was around $125, and it wasn't guaranteed they would be done by the time of the show. Seeing as I myself do not know how to make them, I am trying out a different idea. I bought a box that is used to store photos or scrap book items. I cut about 1.5 inches off of it because it would have still been far too tall once the books were in it, and this brings it to the exact size I was looking for. I plan to spray paint one box to see if the paper will hold the paint, but for now I am please with the size of this box for my coloring books.

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