Saturday, March 12, 2011

just an update...

I am still refining and editing the first issue. I came to the conclusion that I will most likely not create a second issue because of time restraints. I want to make sure that this issue is perfect. I would rather have one well done issue, then hurry to complete a second issue. However, I want to add some things to this current issue. As of right now I have exactly 50 pages. John said I need to have multiples of eight so I think I need to add a few pages. I was thinking of adding some more sketches because I really enjoy those pages. I might put in some sketches from my notebook, and a contact sheet of photographs. I want to incorporate other things into my show, not yet sure what that will be. I am going to research some more magazines and see what other elements I can add. Perhaps I will just make this issue longer? I re-worked some layouts. Will post either tonight or tomorrow. Any ideas on what I could incorporate into the magazine or my show?

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