Friday, March 4, 2011

Seminar Post 06: And That Was That

So I haven't posted much here recently, been trying to finish making art so I can focus solely on how I'm going to show it. But before that, a small sampler of what I have made recently:

OK, so back to displays. The goal here is that there will be some sort of interchangeability between captions underneath the pieces. In class, we have discussed a number of options on how to do this. I did some product research on the magnetic paint John McVey mentioned last semester and the reviews (although varied) seemed quite negative about the product's effectiveness. Not something I want to drop $20 into and find out that it doesn't work, so other options might be better. Although I may try it out just to be safe.

There was the envelope idea that was briefly mentioned last week and after thinking that one over, I'm not convinced it's a good alternative either. Sure they will line up perfectly every time, but getting them in and out of a paper sleeve seems tedious and not to mention not very interesting. Seems to me that more people will be doing more work to move them around and will discourage interaction.

That leaves me with the other digital options, in which I create a flash generator and have it set up to randomly generate an image with a caption. Makes things a lot simpler but it also kills whatever fun there might be had in this whole experience. I know I'm a slacker and all, but I wouldn't want to ruin all the fun just because it's easier for me.

I have two weeks to get this method all ready, the last two I'm reserving for other duties regarding the show. Personally, I'm open to hearing out any ideas anyone might have at this point.

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