Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exhibition Thoughts

I have been considering what to include in my exhibition. I had been taking video footage of most of the dogs I saw over the past two semesters just incase I thought of something along the line. I am now talking with someone who knows how to edit the video footage, as well as audio recordings and we plan to meet up and discuss creating a short (about 5 minute) "documentary" of the dogs that are featured in the coloring books, as well as incorporating footage of kids actually coloring the books and their interaction with it and the information within it. I had done a lot of broad research last semester and this is a way to incorporate it into my show. I'm sorting through information I have and figuring out what point I want to convey through out the 5 minute video.

I have been thinking of how to get my work off the wall and give it a more physical being. Tomorrow I am going to print one of the line drawings of a dog to the life size scale and make it into a stand-up. I considered blowing up one of the photos to life size, but I run into the same issue as before - each dog was photographed on different days and the lighting in the photos is so drastically different.

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