Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kitty Connection

I spent the afternoon at the Kitty Connection animal shelter in Medford. I took photos and got video footage of the cats currently there and also Penny the pit bull. 

The shelter is currently at capacity. The cats that are currently there were mostly abandoned. As you can see in the first video, some of the cats are still dirty from being outside. Marie was explaining more in depth to me about the adjustment time you need to give an abandoned animal due to their trust issues with humans and you wouldn't want to overwhelm them by trying to bathe them right away. One of the cats she has right now is only a year old. A family had adopted him when he was a kitten, and once he reached a year old and wasn't a "cute little kitten" anymore they actually approached a rescue group and asked if they could trade in their cat for another kitten. Obviously the rescue league said no that's not what they do, and the family just turned around and surrendered the cat. 

I didn't have an opportunity to tape an interview with her because she had meetings going on during the time I was there. I had planned on taking the audio from the interview and having it play over the short video I've made so far. 

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