Monday, April 18, 2011

bass face

the second installation of works based on facebook.

these three collages incorporate photos from the electronic dj/musician bassnectar's page.

the top and bottom collages are all "family portraits" taken of bassnectar with his audience in various cities/venues across america.

the middle collage is of photos uploaded for a kind of mini-contest in which bassnectar asked his fans to show him their "bassface" this is a compilation of all of the photos posted.

i redid the first and last from the last time they were shown in class (tried to get rid of extra white spaces between the images), and originally i was going to keep working on these, but i've decided to leave them as-is and go back to the middle collage. i want it to fit with the other two better so i may either get rid of the bassface images altogether and use comments from the family portraits, or overlay comments on the photos. not sure, will post the updated collage soon.

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