Monday, April 18, 2011

2800 people like this

for quite some time now i've been really interested in the relationships people establish, develop and maintain with friends (as in in real-life friends), web acquaintances and my favorite: celebrities.

i "like" snoop dogg on facebook and have always been amazed at the comments people leave on miscellaneous photos he posts to his wall, so i decided to do something with those comments. i printed out all of the comments left on a photo of snoop posing with danny mcbridge (aka kenny powers from the show "eastbound and down") at some mtv event.

at the time that i recorded the comments and printed them out 2800 people had liked the photo, hence the name of the series. I used all but three of the comments that had been posted, so i used the remaining ones as titles for each individual piece.

below are the 3 pieces: "Snoop, ur AMAZING!!", "awesome", "epic !" '

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