Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seminar Post 01

For this second half of seminar, I'll be continuing where I left off with my work. Ambiguous figures with interchangeable captions and contexts. However, I am also hoping to expand on the variety of images I am creating for the 100 captions I have collected so far. This will include images of stand alone objects and possibly some minimal photography rather than just stencil figures that look similar to t-shirt designs. However, I don't want to reach a point where I am making images that are too varied from each other. After all, they should go together with minimal conflict.

I have had the joy of completing several images during the break and I'll be posting copies of them to this blog to show in a few days or so but right now I think it is more important to establish where I am in this process:

22/100 completed

Not my ideal number for this far into the year, but given that I wasn't producing very much during the opening portion of last semester then it doesn't come as a surprise. I'm hoping that introducing some variety will help speed this up a little more, but if worse comes to worse I'm going to have to aim lower and cut my goal down by half. I would prefer to have 100 but seeing as I'll will not only be making new images but also editing and polishing up already existing ones well will have to see.

I have started looking into some of Keith Haring's work for ideas, since his graffiti art is similar to what I am trying to make, these ambiguous figures might be able to help me come up with new ideas without straying too far from the original stencil figures.

I'm feeling good about where I am going with all this, I ended last semester decently and I think that this will a chance to make up for lost time.

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