Monday, January 31, 2011


I am studying a number of buildings in Boston designed by prominent modern and contemporary architects. I will develop a series of books in which I reflect on the buildings and what I can learn about their designers’ original intent.

I will design and edit the content of these books: the content will be my own photographs of the buildings, and text — poetry either by others or by myself. Photographing the buildings is a means by which I can focus my attention on the buildings; I have already begun this process. I am also developing lists of words and phrases, from my own visits to these buildings. Working from these lists, I will either create or find a poem or poems that express my impressions of the buildings and of their designers’ intentions.

In my development as a graphic designer I have discovered and others have observed that my design style is architectural. My work is marked by an emphasis on line and space, and by reliance on grid structures. This project allows me to investigate further into the roots of this style as I reflect on built architecture.

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