Monday, April 25, 2011

work from the weekend

made all the frames for the 12x 12's. wasn't planning on framing them but decided it would be more cohesive with the larger work that i'll be framing.

these will be cut down into the frames for the 4 18x24's

front view

they are not assembled yet but this is what they will look like from the side. there are three layers of 12x 12's. the back piece is a color and the top two pieces are vellum. there will be 8 of these on the wall (2 rows of 4). 

i'm not sure that i would combine these specific three pieces, but this is an idea of what they will look like with light. i hope to have these far enough off of the wall that they can be light from behind, when the frames are all done i will figure out the lighting.

these three pieces will be on the middle wall that will be painted grey. they will be unframed while the pieces on each wall next to them will be framed with the light pine. i had an idea this weekend to create three more pieces to go on top of these three, to be hung a 1/4 inch away. in these pieces, i will be cutting out the negative space of the piece below it, either leaving each finished piece of two layers to create a rectangle or keep with the organic shape i've been working with. i haven't decided.

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