Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm having an issue with my process book. For simplicity and overall cohesion, I planned to just have the book include my statement, a chapter about the "characters", the exhibition, and my plans for the future. I don't consider the wet shoots (the masks with cornstarch, black water and vaseline) to be part of the "characters", so if I were to include them in the book, they'd have to be in their own chapter, which, for me, disrupts the flow of the book.

When John described the book to us, I got the impression that it was to serve as a sort of hypothetical proposal, as though we were seeking some type of funding for our projects. My plans for the future only include the "character" masks right now, and a deeper exploration into them alone, so I don't know if my proposal should include the other work as well.

What does everyone think? Would it be a shame not to include that part of the semester's work? Or would it be okay, for the sake of a simpler, more focused book? I guess I could always make a chapter titled "Other Work" or something, and have them included there?

I just am unsure. I feel like I could either make a process book, or a proposal book. Combining the two is proving difficult.

Or maybe I'm over-thinking it, and I should just have a chapter dedicated to all of the work, and the "character" descriptions will just be a part of it?

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