Monday, March 7, 2011

A lot of work since thursday.

I started by documenting all the beauty and fashion items on the receipts in my wallet. It ended up being 40+ items and totaling $400.00 +, with the receipts dating back to the beginning of September.
Next I took pictures of the items and using Tessa's suggestion of Adobe Kuler and chose a color that represented the product based on the image.


After that I composed the colors within squares, creating different color pallets. I put the names of the products in a font that looks very similar to my handwriting and their price, but the handwriting wasn't really working for me so I took that off.

Working with the idea of using my handwriting, I thought it would cool to make a huge receipt in my handwriting to maybe act as the wallpaper behind my other pieces in the show.

It's going to be a lot longer after I add in the other items.

Next I was thinking about what Tessa said about creating look books, or collections, with the tunnel books. So I was thinking of fashion themes and as a re-do of the first book I came up with "In Bloom" which would be a mix of abstracted flower prints.

Aztec Themed.

Nautical Themed.

I played around with adding the patterns to each panel, and to different items. Also I made the arrows the same pattern as the outside border of each panel instead of the original black.

Lastly I played around with using the themes with my figures and showing how the patterns would be used on clothes. I also created little scenes to go along with the themes.

The end.

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