Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Animal Shelter Visits

Today I went to the Lowell Humane Society and also the Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts. I had been in contact with people from the shelters and offered to give our some materials for them as a promotion for their shelters. The first is a 1 year old pit bull named Chance who was a sweetheart, the second video is just to let you hear how loud it is in the dog part of the shelter, third is an 8 month of kitten, and the last video will break your heart into a million pieces - She is a 2 month of kitten named Ellie Bow, she has a birth defect and her front paws are bent inward so she walks on her "elbows". She still runs and plays like an average kitten except she needs to be on carpets or blankets so she doesn't hurt her elbows. She has taught herself to sit up and balance like a rabbit would when she's sitting still. She was very sweet but broke my heart. 

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