Wednesday, February 9, 2011


After last class I really got to thinking about why I chose these objects, and what they mean to me. I looked up Betsey Johnson's philosophy, and came across this quote.
Celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over the top. Sexy silhouettes, hippie inspired flowing fabrics, whimsical detailing and, most importantly, a fabulous fit.
A couple of the words really stood out to me: exuberant, embellish, and whimsical.
She doesn't make her clothes to have a deeper meaning of what's happening in society, or in the world. She makes clothes that make her happy and exude her personality.
This is how I feel when I'm making work. I like to make things that make me happy to look at and happy to work on. And I know that in the real world you're not always going to get a client that wants girlie and cutesy things, but I don't plan on working as a designer in the future, so for now I just focus on making things I like.

Now bringing it back to the topic of Barbie, like we talked about in class. I did play with Barbies and dolls as a kid, among other things. Now that I'm older I experiment and play with things like makeup, accessories and clothes (these are my toys now).
As far as the reason I used the color pink, I can't think of any other reason than that I like it, and it makes me happy to look at. If you were to see my kitchen you'd see all pink Hello Kitty appliances, and even pink oven mitts. I won't even mention the amounts of pink in my bedroom and bathroom.

Here's a quote that I'd say I wouldn't mind being described as
If Betsey Johnson didn't exist, we would have to invent her, simply to remind ourselves that fashion can be fun. She's the original wild child and set to paint the town pink!

And because we're making work here.

trying out a pattern of putting all the objects together.
click to make larger

not sure where I'm going with this, and not sure if I like the idea of not knowing where I'm going with this.

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