Thursday, February 24, 2011

digested digestions

finally: the third installment of a series i started at the end of last semester exploring the idea of digestion. for the first collage i was playing with the comments given in my mid-semester review, and the trouble i had in digesting what felt like a lot of conflicting/overwhelming information. with the second i was looking at the definition of digestion and what i had intended when naming my project digestions. in this final piece (third one down) i continued to look at old scientific texts and illustrations and found some interesting resources. I was particularly drawn to the square diagram i used (showing "the capacity of the human stomach at different ages"). there was a certain point last semester when i began wishing i had not titled my project "digestions" and began to feel boxed in by the title; when i stumbled upon this image i knew i wanted it to be a prominent piece in my final collage.

I'm really happy with these three as a series. I would love to hear feedback from others if they feel like they work together, or if the third looks disconnected/out of place.

the new marbled pieces will be posted shortly after i am paid on the 28th and can buy the inkjet transparencies i need to finish them :)

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